CHRISTMAS BISCUIT JAR 2016 GLASS., 16,5 CM Make the festive season even sweeter with this Holmegaard Christmas biscuit jar. The Holmegaard Christmas range has become a collector’s item in many homes, and the range returns each year with a new motif. This year, the embellishment of the classic Christmas biscuit jar was the work of Jette Frölich, with the main theme as Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Fir Tree”. With its fairytale motif and classic styling, the decorative Christmas biscuit jar makes a great ornament throughout the Christmas season. Fill the jar with Christmas biscuits, home-made Christmas goodies or sweet treats. An excellent gift idea along with some Christmas goodies or treats for anyone who loves classic design and fairy tales – and for anyone at all who loves the festive season.

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